The best judo kimonos in 2024

If you’re a judo enthusiast, you know how important it is to have a good kimono. Let’s discover together the best judo kimonos in 2024 for this year’s competitions. If you’d like to buy a Fighting Films judo kimono, visit this page to find the one that’s right for you.

n°1: Superstar IJF 750 Gr Fighting Films Judo Kimono, the 100% judo brand

The Superstar IJF 750 Gr Judo Kimono is the ideal product for all judo practitioners in search of performance (approved by the InternationaleJud, distinguished by its meticulous finish and the quality of its rice-grain fabric. A perfect fit for all judokas who want to feel comfortable in a high-quality kimono.

This kimono is ideal for regular practice as it is lightweight and provides optimum comfort. Finally, it offers maximum mobility thanks to its slim fit. The quality of the fabric makes it extremely hard-wearing, a must for experienced fighters. The pants are reinforced at the knees.

Aesthetically, the color is bright white, with the Fighting Films logo on the sleeves and leg. If you’re a member of a judo club, you can personalize the kimono by adding the Club logo personalization. The embroidery is of the highest quality and made in France.

n°2: Kusakura ‘Taisho’ Competition White Judogi (JOV )

The Kusakura ‘Taisho’ Competition White (JOV) judogi is a high-quality judogi designed for top-level competitors. This judo kimono complies with IJF standards for competition use.

There are two types of weave for the kimono jacket. On the upper part, the weaving is in large rice (Sashiko). On the lower part, the weave is diamond (Hishisashi ). The kimonos are of good quality and made directly in Japan, which explains the delivery time of one week to 10 days. The red Kusakura logo with gold trim is featured on the sleeves.

The negative points of this product are: its rather high price – expect to pay almost €200 for this kimono. This judo kimono is reserved for experienced judo practitioners who take part in high-level competitions. Amateur practice or play for young children is not ideal with such a kimono. Delivery times can also be long, especially if you want a personalized kimono.

n°3: The Mizuno “Yusho” kimono

Mizuno is a well-known brand in the world of sports, particularly judo, and has been offering judo kimonos for many years. Like all the other kimonos in this ranking, the “Yusho“kimono is suitable for top-level athletes and competitions. The Mizuno kimono is IJF-approved, making it suitable for use in major competitions.

The entire kimono is made of rice-grain fabric, which gives it great strength and a certain weight. The judogi is 100% cotton, so it may shrink slightly after the first few washes, so plan to wear one size larger.

Negative points: Lower fabric quality and durability.

n°4: CHAMPION II IJF “SLIM” Adidas white judo kimono

The white CHAMPION II IJF “SLIM” judo kimono

In 4th place in our ranking of the best judo kimonos in 2022 is Adidas. The 3-stripes brand is the partner of many international teams. It has been offering high-quality kimonos for years. But current competitors on the market offer better quality at a similar price. The Champion II Slim kimono is slightly lighter than its competitors ( 730g/m²). As with the Fighting Films kimono, you can personalize your kimono by embroidering your logo.

Negative points: Lower fabric quality and durability.

n°5: Decathlon Judo 900 Kimono

Kimono Judo 900

Decathlon, the French multisport brand, is also present in the judo sector. They offer their own Out Shock kimonos on their website. Decathlon, accustomed to offering mid-range products accessible to the widest possible audience, is doing the same with its judo kimonos.

If you’re an experienced judoka looking for a competition kimono, this one’s not for you. Although it offers good resistance at 990 g/m², freedom of movement is somewhat limited.

This judo kimono is aimed more at people learning judo who don’t necessarily take part in competitions. What’s more, the kimono is sold on its own, without the belt, and no customization is offered. This is a good mid-range kimono with very good value for money.

n°6: Kimono Fight-Art

A new kimono brand is coming onto the market, but unfortunately we didn’t have the chance to test their kimonos.

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