How to choose your judogi ?

You like Judo, and the Fighting Films brand, but you don’t know how to choose your Judo Kimono? Then follow the guide!

Fighting films kimono range, which one is right for you?

Each judo practice has its own judogi! It is with this spirit that Fighting Films designs its judogi. By the way, if you want to tell it to yourself on the tatami, don’t say kimono but judogi! “Kimono” is indeed the name given to the traditional Japanese clothing. On a tatami, judokas wear the judogi (and for information, karatekas wear the karategi…), and it is only in France that we speak about Kimono. But since you are (probably) in France and that at Fighting Films, we don’t talk too much, discover here the whole range of Fighting Films kimonos !

kimono or judogi


Hajime means to start in Japanese. This kimono for children is therefore ideal for beginning judo practice. Compared to what can be found elsewhere (at Décathlon for example), it is distinguished by its “rice grain” weaving. This traditional Japanese weaving technique is a guarantee of quality and provides greater rigidity and resistance, and is also more comfortable. With the Hajime kimono, your child will get used to wearing a real kimono, and not a smooth cloth pyjama!

Red Label

The Red Label kimono is designed for adults who are new to judo. Resistant (rice grain weave) and supple, it is lighter than a higher quality kimono. It allows beginners to be more comfortable and to give amplitude to the movements. It is therefore ideal for learning and repeating the first movements of judo.

Black label

Do you aspire to a black belt? The Black Label kimono is for you. Its robust double weave and brushed cotton interior make it solid and comfortable. Designed for young judokas (cadets, juniors), it will withstand frequent training (several times a week), all for a very affordable price.

Superstar Original

Welcome to the top of the range Fighting films! Superstar Orignal is THE kimono that makes the reputation of the brand. With its “heavy” weight (920 g/m2), it offers an unfailing solidity and will resist frequent and high level training. Its cotton/polyester weave limits shrinkage due to machine washing. Worn by professional athletes around the world (including the Georgian and Mongolian national teams), it is popular for its slim, tight shoulder fit, which offers optimal comfort and freedom of movement. “It’s my favourite judogi,” explains Darcel Yandzi, coach of the French team. “I’ve adopted it for my daily training sessions. It’s a real professional judogi. I particularly like the way it sticks to the body, it makes it more difficult for opponents to grab. Wash after wash, it hasn’t moved, and for me who uses it every day, it’s important.

Superstar 750 – IJF

The Superstar 750 – IJF kimono is a lighter version of the Superstar Original, with a weight of 750 g/m2, the limit authorized for international competitions by the International Judo Federation. As you can see, this kimono is designed for high level competitors! Lightweight and slim-fitting, it will also suit those who prefer a slightly softer kimono than the Superstar Original, and/or those who train in overheated dojos! It is robust and shrinks very little in the wash, thanks to its cotton/polyester blend.

Now you know all the secrets on how to choose your judo kimono.