IJF relaxes kimono standards

The IJF announced this week that it is becoming complacent about kimonos at competitions. New regulations introduced a few months ago have led to many changes in the kimono worn by athletes. With the stricter standards, kimono suppliers have had difficulty in meeting the IJF’s requirements. The IJF decided to introduce a new standard for kimonos, which was to be used in all competitions. The IJF decided to relax its restrictions while suppliers produced kimonos that met the rules.

Find out the IJF statement

“In view of the difficulties encountered by manufacturers in providing delegations with judogi that comply with the new rules, we would like to inform you that we are relaxing the application of these rules during the tolerance period until 1 January 2023.

During this period, IFJ controllers will apply the rules sent out on January 11, 2022. However, with regard to the two planned modifications (crossing of lapels (25cm), and jacket length (plus 5 to 10cm), non-compliance will be noted but will not result in a judogi change. However, irregularities will be notified to the National Federation for information.

Reminder: as defined in the previous regulations, the jacket must cover the buttocks completely and the crossing points of the jacket cuffs above the waistband must be more than 20cm apart”.

Superstar 750 IJF judogi

We are official suppliers to the IJF, so this decision also affected us. Fighting Films is a partner of many international athletes. During these tournaments, they have noticed that all suppliers have difficulties to respect the standards.

Faced with this decision, we’re looking into ways of making our future kimonos 100% compliant. However, your Superstar 750 IJF judo kimonos are tolerated in competition until January 1, 2023.

IJF 2023 standards

Find out now what new IJF standards will be in place from January 1, 2023. All our IJF kimonos now comply with these new standards.

Click here to discover all the new standards.

For more information on IJF standards already in force, visit the International Judo Federation website. Or read our article on the new standards for judo kimonos in 2022.

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