IJF-approved Judo black belt


The IJF-approved Judo Fighting Films black belt is a guarantee of quality and an essential accessory for Judo practice. This belt has seduced athletes the world over.

All our judo belts comply with official IJF (International Judo Federation) standards.

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Still haven’t found your judo belt? Choose the IJF-approved Judo Fighting Films black belt, a brand that has already won over many athletes around the world.

All our judo belts comply with official IJF (International Judo Federation) standards. Like all judo belt models, this one is made of a semi-rigid cotton core with numerous well aligned stitching. The ensemble is enhanced by a outer layer with a blend of cotton and silk. So, unlike thin judo belts of the Roll of Cloth type, our black judo belt is thick and rigid. Last but not least, Fighting Films belts feature an attractive embroidered logo in red. It’s this embroidery that makes our judo belt unique.

IJF Fighting Films judo black belt

Finally, when it comes to sizing, men and women have the same belt models. What’s more, when choosing your belt, it’s best to determine your size. In fact, you need to measure your belt and take into account how you’re going to tie it.

This mixed judo belt is an excellent choice for teachers and practitioners who want to keep their belt over the years. If you’re looking for a belt to use in competition, the Judo Fighting Films belt is a great choice.

Highlights of the black Judo belt :

  • Durable, made of cotton and silk with embroidered logo
  • Color: black
  • Corresponding levels:1st Dan to 5th Dan
  • IJF approved
  • Available in 240cm, 260cm, 280cm, 300cm, 320cm and 340cm.

Not yet a black belt?

Discover our judo belts in all colors. The brown judo belt is also approved to IJF standards for international competitions.

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340 cm, 240 cm, 260 cm, 280 cm, 300 cm, 320 cm


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