How to choose your jjb kimono?

1. Cutting the kimono

  • Classic cut: Offers a loose, comfortable fit, ideal for beginners or those who prefer maximum freedom of movement.
  • Slim fit: more fitted, this cut is often preferred by competitors because it’s harder for opponents to grasp.
  • Feminine cut: Adapted to women’s morphologies, it offers a more comfortable fit.

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3. Kimono size

  • A0: For people approx. 1.50m tall and weighing around 50kg
  • A1: For people around 1m60 and around 55-60kg
  • A2: For people approx. 1m70 and around 65-70kg
  • A3: For people around 1m80 and around 75-80kg
  • A4: For people approx. 1.90m tall and weighing around 85kg
  • A5: For taller people, over 1m90 and over 90 kg
  • M0: 100cm
  • M1: 110cm
  • M2: 120cm
  • M3: 130cm
  • M4: 140cm

4. How to choose your jjb kimono: weight

  • Very light (200-350 gsm): Perfect for summer and competitions, it offers great mobility but may be less durable.
  • Lightweight (350-450 gsm): Good balance between durability and comfort, suitable for regular use.
  • Medium (450-550gsm): The average weight of a basic jjb kimono, neither too heavy nor too light, ideal for training and starting JJB.
  • Heavyweight (550+ gsm): Very durable and resistant, ideal for intensive training but can be hot and restrictive.

5. Aesthetics

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6. IBJJF standards