Customise your Fighting Films judogi in 3 steps

You have always wanted to have a custom judogi? We explain how you can customise your Fighting Films judogi.

choose your Fighting Films judogi

All the Fighting Films judogi are customisable. Our available judogi are these ones:

  • Hajime children’s judogi: this is a real judogi for beginners, it comes with a white belt and has an elastic band on the trousers.
  • Red Label judogi: this is a judogi for intermediate levels, its cut is slim and tight, it comes with a white belt and is made of real judogi cloth.
  • Black Label judogi: it is very good for those who train regularly, it has a very good quality/price ratio and it is ideal for cadets, juniors or seniors.
  • Superstar Original judogi: this is the judogi worn by athletes all over the world and has a slim, fitted cut. It is the brand’s top-of-the-line judogi.
  • The IJF approved Superstar 750 judogi: it is ideal for competition. It is also approved for the new IJF standards. It is light and robust and has a slim fit.

chose the writings

After choosing the judogi that suits you, you can then choose the colour and the logo.

Do you prefer the old logo? Or the new logo? You can choose whichever you like.

Then you can choose the colour of the logo: your club’s colour, your favourite colour….

Most often, the colour is the same as the one on the club logo.

chose the writings

Now that you have chosen your judogi, the logo and its colour, you can choose the writings you want to put on your judogi.

You can put inscriptions on several places: the trousers, the jacket and under the logo. You can also have an embroidery on the heart. The colour of the heart embroidery in the Fighting Films logo can be adapted.

customised judogi Darcel Yandzi

You can also choose the colour of the writings

here are some examples:

You would like to know more or you have any questions about customisation? Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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