The history of the Japanese Torii

Discover the story behind the Fighting Films logo on our judo kimonos

The Torii in the Japanese culture

In Japan, tradition and history are very important. The toriis are emblematic elements of Japanese history. These portals are traditionally erected at the entrance to Shinto shrines, Japan’s oldest religion. This portal marks the transition from the everyday environment to the sacred sanctuary.

Firstly, all toriis have a similar structure: two vertical posts, usually made of wood, supporting two horizontal lintels. The traditional color of these poles is vermilion, a very bright red.

The history of the Japanese Torii dates back to the 10th century, when it was used to demarcate shrine territory, which was previously demarcated only by four posts at the corners of the shrine.

Then the sanctuaries were transformed, two more imposing wooden posts were built on the side through which the priests entered the sanctuary. Then, the rope that connected these posts was raised to allow them to pass without worry, and finally, this rope was transformed into a horizontal wooden lintel that is present today on these portals accompanied by a second one to maintain the structure better.

While the Torii are of historical importance, they also have a strong religious significance today, with almost 70% of the population practicing Shintoism. ( shinbutsu shūgō which is a syncretism between Buddhism and Shintoism.

Fighting Films and the Japanese Torii

Fighting Films draws inspiration from the Japanese spirit for all its creations. As the brand is centered on Japan’s most popular martial art, judo, a link had to be forged. The Torii being one of the symbols of the Land of the Rising Sun, the link was made.

Then, to avoid having just a classic Torii as a logo, we stylized it. The brand’s initials being “FF”, we noticed that if you split the torii in two vertically, you’ll see an F right side up and an F upside down.

In addition, we chose a deep red for this logo, which, referring to the red of the Torii.

This logo takes then all its sense, between deep relation which unites us with Japan as well as a design taking back the name of the brand, the logo was quite found!

You can find this logo, representing the Torii on all our judo kimonos. As well for children as for adults. The Fighting Films torii has become a reference that allows us to distinguish our Superstar athletes during competitions!

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