Judo rules

Values and respect: the foundations of judo

Respect for the Adversary

respect for judo rules during international competitions

Respect for instructors and referees

Ethics and Integrity

Character building

Weight categories and grades

Weight categories

  • -48kg
  • -52kg
  • -57kg
  • -63kg
  • -70kg
  • -78kg
  • +78kg


  • -60kg
  • -66kg
  • -73kg
  • -81kg
  • -90kg
  • -100kg
  • +100kg

Grading according to judo rules

Progression and Recognition

Judo fighting rules

  • Fight duration: Fights are generally timed and last a certain number of minutes, depending on age category and level of competition. For seniors in national and international competitions, the fighting time is 4 min. If at the end of 4 minutes the score does not decide between the two opponents, they go to the Golden Score. In the Golden Score, the first to score a point wins the fight.
An ippon according to judo rules
  • Points: Points are awarded for successful throwing techniques, ground control and submissions. An ippon (full point/10 points) is scored for a perfect throw or effective submission, bringing the fight to an immediate end. A waza-ari (half-point 1 point) may be awarded for a partially successful technique.
  • Penalties: Penalties can be given for various infractions, such as excessive passivity, illegal catches or unsportsmanlike behaviour. Penalties can lead to points deductions or even disqualification.