The best judo clubs in major cities

Interested in taking up judo? Changing clubs? But you don’t know where to sign up for next season? Discover our ranking of the best judo clubs in and around major cities to help you make your choice.

1. Paris region

Judo Pontault-Combault:

The Pontault-Combault club is located some twenty kilometers from Paris. The club has a wealth of experience in judo, and boasts a number of seasoned judokas in its ranks. Franck Party , for example, medaled at the French judo and jujitsu championships.

The club has a well-developed women’s section, with top talent performing every weekend. If you’re looking for performance, their top-quality teachers will guide you to reach the top level.

For all information about the club, visit the judo club website.

Tremblay judo:

Located very close to Roissy airport, the Tremblay club will be delighted to welcome you to the Claude Jacquart dojo, named after the 7th dan is a club legend. High-quality teaching and a great atmosphere make this club one of the best in Ile de France.

2. Rouen

Judo Grand Quevilly:

Close to Rouen city center, judo Grand Quevilly is a benchmark for judo in Normandy. Just like the Pontault-Combault club, the excellence of its trainers means that some of the biggest names in judo come out of this club. The best-known is Ugo Legrand, third at the London Olympics and world runner-up in 2013.

Training continues at the highest level, with the recent announcement that one of our youngsters will be leaving for theINSEP next year.

3. Lille

Lille University Club:

Founded in 1950, Lille Université Club has been training judokas regularly for several years, competing in departmental, regional and French championships. The club offers both judo and jujitsu. Classes are held in two different dojos located 2km apart.

4. Marseille

Athletic Marseille Judo:

The club team will be on hand to listen to members and parents alike. The teacher will share his knowledge and experience with you, to help you progress. This club in the 13th arrondissement of Marseilles will help your children improvetheir judo skills. Participation in numerous competitions, quality coaching…

5. Bordeaux

JSA Bordeaux judo jujitsu:

With training sessions 3 days a week and qualified coaches, the club’s structure enables its members to progress in the best possible way. The club operates out of 3 different dojos, all close to the Pellegrin hospital complex in the heart of Bordeaux.

6. Grenoble

Judo Club Grenoble:

The Grenoble club is very active and responsive, responding quickly to your requests, and is very well structured. They offer regular courses for young and old alike. They offer judo as well as other activities such as motor skills courses for youngsters, aikido, muscle strengthening and self-defense.

7. Lyon

Judo Club Est Lyonnais:

Close to the city center, the judo club est lyonnais awaits you. Very popular with young children, this club offers courses from very young children to high-level seniors. In particular, the club took part in the French 1st division team championships in 2021. The club also offers an online store with products bearing the club logo.

8. Strasbourg:

ASL Robertsau judo:

This multi-sport club on the outskirts of Strasbourg is ideal for children in particular. Its leisure complex offers a wide range of sports, including judo, enabling children and adults alike to discover a wide choice of sports.

With its many modern facilities, this is the ideal training environment for judo. Less renowned than other clubs, this one will still allow you to improve your skills while enjoying the advantageous surroundings.

9. Rennes

Passion judo 35:

Passion Judo 35 is an association of 9 dojos in and around Rennes. If you haven’t yet experienced the soul of a dojo, you absolutely must discover this privileged place where all martial arts enthusiasts rub shoulders in respect for others, whatever their discipline. To familiarize yourself with the discipline, we offer three free trial sessions.

10. Toulouse

Colomiers judo:

In the Occitanie region, Colomiers judo sets the standard. The club offers judo, taiso, ju jitsu and self-defence classes. Classes are given every day of the week by top-quality instructors such as Pierre Barthélémy, a kata teacher who has been with the club for 50 years, and Alexandre Mariac.

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