The most used techniques in international competitions

Let’s discover together the most used techniques in competition in 2022, those which are the most popular with the athletes.

Tachi-waza’s domination (standing work)

For both men and women, one statistic stands out. More than 80% of the points scored in competition this year were in Tachi-Waza. Ne-Waza, or ground work, accounted for only 18% of the points scored by men and 16% by women. Although Ne-Waza does not score as many points as Tachi-Waza, it does score 36% of the ippons scored in men’s and 40% in women’s competitions.

These statistics mean that by performing a ground attack that scores a point, you are more likely to end the bout with an ippon using that technique. The majority of standing techniques score points but are less effective in ending the fight with an ippon.

Most used technics in Tachi-Waza

women :

The leading technique for women, the one that was used the most and that also allowed the most points and ippons to be scored, was Uchi-mata, a reaping technique in which the leg reaps the inside of the partner’s thigh.

The other popular technique is Ippon-Seoi-Nage, a shoulder throwing technique. This technique is less effective and precise, scoring fewer points and ippons.

Women use a lot of hip techniques (Koshi-Waza) and very few “sacrifice” techniques (sutemi) unlike men.


In international competitions, men have favoured a very popular shoulder technique, Morote-Seoi-Nage, which is the most used and scoring technique. If you use this technique well and score points, you are likely to score an ippon and finish the fight in spectacular fashion.

Another popular technique in men’s judo is Uchi-mata, which is also often used by women. This mowing technique is one of the great classics of judo and is still used year after year.

most used technics in Ne-Waza

Among the most used techniques in competition, many ground techniques called Ne-Waza are used.

For both men and women, Osae Komi are the most popular, immobilisation techniques. More than 60% of ground holds are immobilisations for men and almost 50% for women.

This is followed by keys, which account for almost 25% of the most used techniques in both men’s and women’s competitions.

The big difference between men and women is in the use of chokes, women use them much more, 23%, and only 10% for men.

In terms of efficiency, Ne-Waza are those with the highest ippon conversion rate.

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