Rules for IJF judogis 2023-2024

The International Judo Federation sets the standards for IJF 2023-2024 judo kimonos in competition. These standards are revised regularly to ensure fairness. Fighting Films offers two ranges of competition kimonos meeting these criteria. It is crucial that the judogi ordered is the correct size and respects the specified parameters. These standards are mandatory for international competitions. Local federations may have more flexible regulations, but not vice versa.

Rules for IJF judogis 2023-2024

Judogis features

The weight

IJF standards impose a specific weight for all kimonos. For a judogi to meet international competition standards, it must weigh between 650 and 750 g/m² of fabric. Judogis are lighter and more flexible than in the past. The blend of cotton and polyester helps to reduce weight while maintaining the fabric’s strength.

The judogi color

The standards for IJF 2023-2024 judo kimonos are also strict on the color allowed. Traditionally, judo kimonos are white. But blue judogis are also available.

But the choice of judogi color for the manufacturer is not so simple: white must be white or off-white. For blue judogis, the requirements are even more stringent: each judogi must have a color number between 18-4051TCX (TPX) and 18-4039TCX (TPX) on the Pantone color index.

As our kimonos comply with IJF standards, these requirements are well and truly met.

The different types of weaving

The upper part of the kimono jacket must be woven in Sashiko (rice grain).

The lower part of the jacket, or skirt, should be lighter and simply woven with diamond shapes, again in Sashiko.

Sashiko fabric on the bottom of the kimono

Reinforcements on the judogi

Both the jacket and the judogi pants need to be reinforced in specific places.

On the jacket, reinforcements must be present on the shoulders, chest and underarms.

On the pants, reinforcements should appear at the knees and side openings.

IJF rules for belts

Brown and black judo belts used for competitions must be made exclusively of cotton, measuring between 4 and 4.5cm wide, 4 and 5mm thick and between 8 and 13 lines of stitching.

As with judogis, they must bear the IJF logo.

judo black belt

Rules for wearing judogi and belt

The distance between the top of the chest and the crossing point of the cuff must be less than 10 cm.

Sleeves must always reach the base of the wrist, with a maximum tolerance of 1 cm.

The space between the arm and the inside of the sleeve should be between 10 and 15 cm. The same applies to the legs, which should be between 10 and 15 cm apart.

The jacket crossover must be at least 25 cm wide above the waistband.

The belt should be worn just above the hip and be tight.

The jacket must cover the buttocks completely, and extend at least 5 cm beyond them.

Pants should be no more than 5 cm above the malleolus.

Once fastened, each end of the belt should be between 20 and 30 cm from the knot to the end of the belt.

Our products comply with IJF 2023-2024 judo kimono standards

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