Names of judogi parts

The judogi is the essential tool for practicing this martial art. Discover the names of judogi parts , so you can keep up to date on and off the tatami!

The judogi jacket (Uwagi)

The jacket is the most symbolic element, and the one you see first on a judoka. It’s the main element of the outfit. There are numerous ranges of judogis, where the jacket varies in composition, weight and weave. It’s the part that’s grabbed during oppositions.

Here are the most important parts for the judogi jacket:

-Eri, the collar, is the central part of the kimono. It’s a thicker lining that you grab to keep control of your opponent or perform any type of attack.

-Sode, the sleeve, the other part of the hand that is usually gripped and used to perform various techniques.

-Sodeguchi, the opening of the sleeve, an important place to unbalance your opponent and keep control of your hand.

-Waki, the armpit, reinforced for the judoka’s comfort.

-Koshi, the hip, many hip techniques are present in judo, and it’s an essential part of the judogi.

Names of judogi parts: the jacket

Judogi pants (Zubon)

Another central part of judogis is the pants. While it is forbidden to grab your opponent’s pants during Tachi waza (standing work), it is permitted to grab your opponent’s pants on the ground.

Like the jacket, the pants are a major component of the judo outfit. They must be comfortable and allow good freedom of movement, while being reinforced in strategic places to cushion falls. When we think of a judo kimono, we think mainly of the jacket ( uwagi ), but the pants are also part of the judoka’s traditional outfit.

Find out the names of judogi parts at trouser level:

-Ashi, corresponding to the leg, the limb of the body that enables many techniques to be performed.

-Hiza, the knee, certain techniques like Hiza guruma take their name from this part of the body.

-Mata, the inner thigh, one of judo’s most famous holds, Uchi mata comes from the name of this part of the body/pants.

-Ashikubi, the ankle, central body part in rotation, movement and execution of many movements.

Names of judogi parts: pants

The names of judogi parts  allow you to understand in greater detail the origin of the names of certain judo techniques that may seem difficult to grasp.

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