Darcel Yandzi training center

French judo legend Darcel Yandzi, European judo champion and 6th dan, opens his training center in San Marino with Italian judoka Raffaele Lisi. Darcel Yandzi ‘s training center is a great achievement for this great champion, eager to share his expertise acquired over many years of judo practice.

Expert speakers

Darcel Yandzi, Fighting Films partner and French judo legend, has built a reputation for himself in the sport. As a result, he has forged strong links with experts in the discipline, who are keen to be associated with the opening of his training center.

The center’s director is a local, Raffaele Lisi, runner-up in the 1992 Italian championship.

Numerous world-class speakers will be on hand at the judo center for training courses. Jane Bridge, first woman world judo champion in 1980 and 8th dan. Hiroshi Katanishi, also an 8th dan, taught judo in Lausanne for 42 years. Finally, Guy Delvingt, 5th at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games.

Surrounded by the world’s greatest judo experts, our European champion Darcel Yandzi decided to set up in San Marino, a landlocked republic in the heart of Italy, a country to which he has always been close.

Darcel Yandzi training center

A wide range of activities

At the Darcel Yandzi training center, several activities to bring together athletes from all over the world await you. Courses will be held Monday to Friday for all registered athletes.

For judo teachers from all over the world, training courses will be offered by the great names in judo. The aim is to create a worldwide center that trains the best judo teachers, thanks to training provided by judo masters!

Finally, the center will be in direct partnership with theSan Marino Judo Federation.

Finally, the center offers you a turnkey solution. Accommodation facilities with nearby hotels and quality support for training sessions will be offered.

Daily training sessions take place at the Ex-Mesa gymnasium, Strada La Ciarulla – Serravalle.

See you on February 18 for this new adventure!

Address: Strada La Ciarulla, 47899, Repubblica di San Marino

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