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Fighting Films launches its first Brazilian jiu-jitsu kimono!

The most Japanese of Brazilian jiu-jitsu kimonos is finally here! Discover our Yokai kimono, inspired by the names of creatures from Japanese folklore and designed to meet the expectations of jujitsukas. Its unique design and super-strong Ripstop pants are made for jiu-jitsu.

Available for pre-order, delivery from July 10.

The kimono is available in three colors and is unisex.

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When Japan and Brazil meet. Two martial arts territories meet to form the Fighting Films Brazilian jiu-jitsu kimono. The result of a long process of reflection, the Fighting Films kimono is a quality product at a reasonable price.

The Yokai kimono, named after creatures from Japanese folklore, is our first product in our growing Brazilian jiu-jitsu range.

Why Brazilian jiu-jitsu? Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial art related to judo, focusing on groundwork, which has become increasingly important in today’s judo. Judokas who often practice this martial art are obliged to do so in order to perfect their mastery of the ground. But judo kimonos are not ideal for training in the best conditions.

That’s why we created our first Brazilian jiu-jitsu kimono, based on the requirements of jujitsukas. With this lightweight (450 gr), high-quality kimono, you’ll be able to practice jiu-jitsu several times a week and in competition. The jacket is made of cotton and woven with rice grain. Lastly, the pants are made from Ripstop, a material specially designed for ground combat. Extremely resistant and lightweight, this is the fabric par excellence for JJB.

The kimono is mixed and available in three colors: White, Black and Khaki.

This simple kimono is also personalized with the Fighting Films colors. The logo is embroidered on the heart and written in Japanese underneath. On the back, the inscription “Fighting Spirit” is present. Finally, the pants are also slightly customized, with Fighting Films written in Japanese.

Discover our article on the differences between a judo kimono and a Brazilian jiu-jitsu kimono.

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