Competition judogis

Are you an experienced judoka and want to choose a judogi to participate in competitions? Find out how to choose from all the Fighting Films competition judogis, and what their features are.

The different ranges of Fighting Films competition judogis

This is the competition judogi used by professional athletes. This IJF approved judogi is the ultimate model. Approved to IJF standards, this judogi is made for judo competitions. It is ideal for experienced judokas who compete regularly.

This competition judogi is also suitable for advanced judokas. This one is lighter, more adapted to small sizes who like judo judogis light enough to be free of their movement.

These two kimonos are ideal for high level judo competitions. But if you practice in departmental or regional competitions, you don’t need a judogi that meets IJF standards. You can also opt for our two heavier judogis:

The characteristics of the competition judogis

IJF regulations

For international competitions, the kimonos used must be of certain brands only, those which have the IJF certification including Fighting Films. It is also essential to have a kimono whose weight is between 650 and 750 g/m². We propose two ranges of IJF, the lightest and the heaviest which are authorized.

Moreover, since the beginning of the year, the length of the skirt was modified. This may seem strange at the first try on the judogi, but we had no choice. The skirt is lengthened of some centimeters and must cover the buttocks completely and exceed 5cm.

If you want to find the complete IJF standards and understand why our judogi is made this way, go here.

Unique qualities


Lightness is one of the main characteristics of the competition judo kimono. Indeed, for competitions, judokas must respect a maximum weight for their kimono. A competition judo kimono must be light, so as not to add extra weight to the judoka.


A competition judogi must also be resistant to face the solicitations and the repeated movements during the fights. The quality of the material is therefore essential, because a poor quality judogi may tear quickly.


Finally, the fit is also an important criterion in the choice of a competition judogi. The judogi must be sufficiently adjusted to the body so as not to hinder the judoka’s movements, while offering a great freedom of movement.

Nils Stump Judogi Superstar 750 Gr IJF

How to chose your competition judogi


Be careful, all brands of judogi do not cut the same way. Some brands recommend a size above your real size, we recommend the opposite. The Fighting Films judo judogis are big. It is preferable to choose a judogi 5cm below your size.

example: You are 1m80 tall, the ideal judogi for you is 175cm.

The cut

Feeling comfortable in your kimono is very important to perform well. You must choose the cut that best suits your body type. Aware that not all judokas have the same type of physique we have developed several cuts.

For our judo kimono Superstar 650 Gr IJF, we have in addition to the Slim cut, our classic cut, we have designed the Super Slim cut, adapted to thin and rather long judokas. This cut closer to the body is adapted to the small sizes.

Regarding the judogi Superstar 750 Gr IJF, we opted for a Regular cut. Wider at the level of the belly, an additional size at this level, it is adapted to the more imposing physiques. By choosing for example a judogi in 175cm Regular, your kimono will have all the dimensions of a 175cm Slim, except at the level of the belly, which will be at the size of a 180cm.

The weight

Choosing the right weight is as important as the size. Some judokas have a preference for light judogis, so we advise you to choose the Superstar 650 Gr IJF competition judogi.

On the other hand, if you are used to a heavier judogirecommend the Superstar 750 Gr IJF competition judogi.

These two kimonos are ideal for high level judo competitions. But if you practice in departmental or regional competitions, you don’t need a judogi that meets IJF standards. You can also opt for our two heavier judogis. The Black Label Judogi 820 Gr or, our top of the line kimono, the Superstar Original 920 Gr.

Frequently asked questions

Why is it important to choose the right judogi for competitions?

Choosing the right judogi for competition is crucial because it can have a significant impact on the judoka’s performance. An inappropriate judogi can hinder the judoka’s movements or even tear during the fights, which can be detrimental to his performance.

What are the important characteristics of a competition judogi ?

The important characteristics of a competition judogi are lightness, strength and fit. The judogi must be light to respect the weight limits during competitions, resistant to face the repeated solicitations during the fights, and adjusted to offer a great freedom of movement to the judoka.

What are the criteria to take into account when choosing a competition judogi ?

The criteria of choice to be taken into account to well choose its judogi of competition are the size, the quality of the material, the reinforcements, and the respect of the standards of the International Federation of Judo.

What are the advantages of Fighting Films competition judo judogis?

Fighting Films competition judogis are recognized for their high quality and compliance with the International Judo Federation standards. They are also available in several sizes and cuts offering an optimal fit for competitive judokas.

How to maintain your competition judogi ?

To maintain your competition judogi, it is recommended to wash it after each use at an appropriate temperature, preferably by hand or machine with a delicate program, and to dry it in the open air. It is also important not to use fabric softener or bleach, which could damage the material. Discover our care tips for your Fighting Films judogis.