The ultimate guide to choosing the perfect judo kimono for your child

Judo is a combat sport that can help children develop coordination, strength and confidence. To practice this sport safely, it is important to invest in quality equipment, especially a child’s judogi. This guide will help you choose the perfect judo kimono for your little judoka, taking into account size, quality and comfort. In the ultimate guide to the perfect kid’s judogi, we’ll also cover some tips for maintaining and preserving your purchase.

Find the right judogi size

Make sure you know your weight, height and waist size. Then rely on the size guide of the manufacturer. Indeed, each brand of judo kimono sizes differently, some cut large, others small.

Take into account the growth of the child, do not prefer a judo kimono for child which will be with the ideal size. Choose rather a judogi a little larger, which will shrink slightly with washing and which, will remain at the size of your child longer.

Finally, to be really sure, there is nothing like having your child try the judo kimono before buying it. At Fighting Films, this is possible, go to our judo store in Paris. We will welcome you at 1 rue des Messageries, 75010 Paris.

Choose the right material and quality

Judo kimonos for children come in different materials:

Made of cotton/polyester: The kimono is lightweight, quick drying and inexpensive. This corresponds to our kimono My 1st kimono. This judogi is our entry level, ideal for small budgets and very young children starting judo.

Rice grain: The kimono is still light but more resistant. Made of the same material as the adult judo kimono, it will be more adapted to a more recurrent judo practice. The judogis in this material are perfect for judo competitions. The quality of weaving is very good and ensures a great durability to these products. Our rice grain kimono especially for children is the Hajime. We have a third type of judogi, more suitable for older children and young teenagers. The Red Label, 100% cotton, is more comfortable and durable than the Hajime. It is perfect for children from 8 years old, who start to have more strength, as well as for teenagers who start judo.

All of our judo kimonos are equipped with reinforcements at the shoulders and knees. Their seams are very strong and durable. It is almost impossible to tear a Fighting Films judo kimono. The collar of our kimonos for children are rigid in order to bring a better protection to the judoka at the level of the neck.

The cut of our various ranges of judogi for children was worked especially for the children. Not too tight nor too loose it allows a large amplitude of movement while proposing an unequalled comfort.

Maintain and preserve your child’s kimono

To conclude the ultimate guide of the perfect judo kimono for kids, once you have chosen your judogi range, it is important to keep this kimono for a while. In order to avoid damaging it too quickly, often because of washing, here are some maintenance tips.

To wash your Fighting Films judo kimono, use cold or lukewarm water. The too hot water will quickly shrink the fabrics, and it is impossible to turn back. We also advise you, of course, not to wash it with colored clothes that could rub off.

In order to preserve the quality of the fabric and the durability of the seams, we recommend you to dry the judogi of your child in the open air. If you wish to iron it, prefer once again a low temperature, always in a spirit of conservation of the fibers of the fabric and the new aspect.