Why should you start judo?

In this article, we will give you some reasons why you should take up judo. Here are some reasons to become a judoka:

Judo values and culture

Judo, unlike most sports, has a moral code which consists of 8 values: politeness, courage, sincerity, honour, modesty, respect, self control and friendship. Judo also has complementary values such as the best use of energy or mutual help and prosperity.

With his values, a judoka must have respect towards his coach and his opponents, because they are the people who will help him to grow and progress. A judoka’s commitment is proven in every training session. A high level judoka dedicates a part of his life to judo and physical preparation. To succeed in judo, you need a lot of personal commitment.

When you start judo, you discover a new culture, the Japanese culture. Indeed, judokas are immersed in the Japanese culture during the sessions, notably through the names of the techniques. With time, judokas become more and more interested in Japan and dream of going to train at the Kodokan.

Develop physically and mentally

Judo allows you to develop physically. It is not a discipline like any other. It is a martial art that develops fundamental motor skills. Judo enriches qualities such as flexibility, speed, anticipation, power and coordination. Psychomotor experts use judo as a therapy to increase a person’s motor skills. Practising judo is a good way to channel energy.

It is also a way to develop mentally. Judo is about going beyond your own limits. Each belt describes a stage in the life of a judoka. When learning a technique, you practice it until you have mastered it. This shows a determination to achieve the goals one sets for oneself. Falling helps to strengthen oneself. Little by little, one learns to fall, to accept the fall and to get up again.

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A sport for everyone

Judo is a sport for everyone. You can start judo at any age. Between confrontation and technical mastery, judo is a sport that can suit everyone. Judo is a sport with weight categories and is therefore suitable for everyone. Moreover, the fundamental principle of judo is to use the strength of your partner to be effective.

Now that you know everything about why you should take up judo, all you have to do is sign up. All that’s left is to sign up. But to do judo, you need to have the right outfit. Here’s how to properly equip yourself for judo.

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