The training judo kimono

When it comes to practicing martial arts such as judo, choosing the right equipment is of crucial importance. Among the essential elements of every practitioner’s equipment are the judo training kimono, also known as gis or judogis.

These traditional outfits are not just uniforms, but also offer a series of undeniable advantages for practitioners. Let’s discover the advantages of training judo kimonos. You can then choose from our wide range of judogis.

The optimal comfort of a training judo kimono

One of the most important aspects in choosing your training judo kimono is comfort. Whether in competition or training, it’s essential to feel comfortable in your judogi.

Made from quality materials such as cotton, our kimonos feel pleasant against the skin, reducing the risk of irritation or chafing. This characteristic is particularly crucial in the repetitive, dynamic movements typical of judo.

The kimono’s breathable structure allows air to circulate freely, helping to regulate body temperature during physical exertion. This means that even during intense training sessions when perspiration is inevitable, the kimono helps to wick away moisture and keep the wearer dry. So you can concentrate fully on improving your technical skills without being distracted by feelings of discomfort.

Highly durable to withstand intense training

One of the most notable advantages of judo training kimonos is their exceptional durability. Designed to withstand the stresses of rigorous training, these kimonos are made with high-quality materials and reinforced sewing techniques, making them capable of withstanding the daily wear and demanding movements typical of martial arts. Inspired by competition kimonos, they are just as resistant without meeting IJF standards, which can be uncomfortable in certain respects.

Martial arts training sessions can put a strain on clothing, especially when they involve repeated holds, throws and falls.

Training kimonos are designed to meet these challenges, using strong seams and strategically placed reinforcements. Tension zones, such as shoulders and sleeves, are reinforced to withstand the pressure exerted during throwing techniques. This increased durability ensures that the kimono remains in good condition, even after many intensive workouts.

Training judo kimonos for performance

Another significant advantage of judo training kimonos is their ability to improve the technical performance of practitioners. These kimonos are carefully designed to offer a cut that allows a full range of movement, while maintaining a balance between ease of movement and fit.

Loose sleeves and wide legs offer the freedom of movement essential for catching, throwing, blocking and dodging. The seams and folds are strategically placed to avoid awkward friction points during movement, enabling practitioners to execute techniques with fluidity and precision.

Training judo kimonos play a key role in creating an environment conducive to mastering movements and techniques. By enabling practitioners to perform their actions without restriction, these kimonos contribute directly to improving technical proficiency and overall progress in their discipline.

Our range of training judo kimonos

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