The differences between a judogi for beginners and competition

The choice of the judogi is essential in the practice of judo. According to the frequency and the level of your practice it is necessary to choose the judogi which is appropriate for you. Discover the differences between a judogi for beginner and competition in order to make correctly your choice.

Discover our different ranges of kimono, the Red Label 500 Gr judogi for beginners and our two ranges of competition kimono. The Superstar 650 Gr IJF adapted to the fine and long-limbed gauges and the Superstar 750 Gr IJF, our best-seller!


Beginner judogis are made of a different material than competition judogis. Our beginner judogis are made entirely of cotton. The difference between our beginner and competition judogis is big. On our competition judogis it is a mixture of cotton and polyester.

Cotton is lighter and less resistant than polyester. The cotton-polyester mix shrinks less when washed and is more resistant in the long term. Our judogis for beginners are designed to resist to many holds, but they are still more fragile than our competition judo kimonos.

Judo competition kimonos are known for their toughness. Our Fighting Films products are no exception to this rule. The materials used are ultra resistant, the seams are also resistant, it is almost impossible to tear a competition judogi.

If you train hard and your randoris are also hard, you will need a competition judogi to withstand the repeated strikes of your opponents.

cut and design

Judo kimonos for beginners have, most of the time, a wider cut which offers a great freedom of movement. This choice is made to facilitate the learning of judo techniques without any constraint of movement. But the fact that the judogi is wider, it facilitates the catch of the adversary at the level of the sleeves or the collar.

The competition kimonos are more fitted, close to the body favoring the speed, the precision of the movements and limiting the opponent’s kumikata a maximum.

Moreover, the judogis for beginners are not subjected to standards like the judogis of competition. This is an advantage in terms of design.

Since the beginning of the year and the entry into force of the new standards of the International Judo Federation, the skirts of the competition judogis have been lengthened. This detail, especially visual, bothers many judokas, but this norm is only in force for judogis with IJF norms.

You can still get good quality judogis with shorter skirts at Fighting Films:

Reinforcements and seams

The beginner judo kimono can have simple reinforcements on the knees and shoulders. This provides sufficient durability for regular training sessions.

On the other hand, a competition judo kimono has more and strategically placed reinforcements. Reinforced seams are also present, in order to withstand the intense stresses of competitive fighting.

judogi weight

Our range of kimono for beginners is light allowing a great freedom of movement to learn judo without getting too tired wearing a heavy judogi. Our Red Label range, corresponding to the judogis for beginners weighs 500 Gr/m².

We have two ranges of competition judogi which both have different weights. IJF approved judogis must be between 650 and 750 gr/m². So we decided to propose a range at both extremes, the lightest and the heaviest allowed.


Finally, a detail which is of great importance, the price. Indeed, according to your practice of judo or your means, the price of a judogi of competition can be an obstacle. Even if the judogi can accompany you during more than one year, it is an important sum.

If you have a small budget and are new to judo, don’t hesitate to choose our Red Label judogi. Available from 55 to 89 €. If you train several times a week and you want a better quality kimono but not IJF standards, the Black Label 820 Gr is for you. Available between 110 and 135€.

Then come the competition judogis, the Superstar 650 Gr and the Superstar 750 Gr. They are available in two colors, white and blue. Their price varies according to the size and the color. Count about 15€ more for a blue judogi. Available between 145€ and 220€.