New, wider kimono cut

Many people have asked us about the cut of our kimonos. After so many requests, we now present our new, wider kimono cut.

In an effort to satisfy as many profiles as possible, after proposing a Super Slim cut for Superstar 650 Gr IJF judogis, here’s a Regular cut , wider at the belly.

The different cuts of kimono

On all kimono models, whether IJF or not, you’ll see the words ” Slim Fit”. This is our standard kimono cut, suitable for the vast majority of judokas of average height and weight. The cut is fairly close to the body, which suits many judokas.

We then created a “Super Slim” cut, for small frames, slim teenagers or slender women. This cut is available for our lightweight IJF kimono range, the Superstar 650 IJF.

After satisfying the small sizes, forget about the big ones. Our greatest French champions, David Douillet and Teddy Riner, are heavyweights. We’ve had numerous requests from judokas for a kimono with a wider belly.

Indeed, for a strong person, it can sometimes be difficult to cross his kimono. One possible solution is to take a kimono one size up, but this will be less comfortable, as the sleeves and pants are too long.

How to choose your size with the new kimono cut?

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best size for your “Regular Fit” kimono.

Usually, for all our kimonos, we advise you to choose a size below your actual height. Example: if you’re 1m75 tall, choose a kimono size 170cm. (It may seem counter-intuitive, but trust our experience, we know what’s best for you!)

Follow the same guidelines when choosing your Regular Fit kimono. For example: if you’re 1.75m tall and weigh 90kg, select 170cm and the Regular Fit option.

The new “Regular Fit” kimono cut has an extra waistband, but the same length in the sleeves and pants.

The Regular Fit cut also complies with IJF standards for international competitions.

In summary: Regular Fit = 1 size larger in the stomach than Slim Fit

kimono regular fit

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