How to choose the right size judo belt?

How to choose the size of your judo belt :

  1. Measure your waist: Take a tape measure and measure around your waist, where you’ll be wearing your judo belt. Note this measurement.
  2. Refer to the Size Chart: Each brand of judo belt may vary in size. Consult our size chart below to determine which judo belt size is right for you.
  3. Try if possible: If you get the chance, come and visit us in our No. 1 judo store in Paris to try on the judo belt and confirm that it offers the right fit. This will ensure that it’s neither too loose nor too tight.

Additional Tips :

  • Make sure the belt can be tied comfortably.
  • With use, judo belts can shrink slightly, so bear this in mind when making your choice.

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