Bleaching your judogi

Here are the steps to whiten a judogi:

  1. Prepare a solution of mild detergent and warm water. Avoid using detergents containing bleach, as they can damage the kimono’s fibers.
  2. Immerse the kimono in the detergent solution and gently rub the stains.
  3. Rinse the kimono with clean water to remove any detergent residue.
  4. Lay the kimono on a clean towel and let it air dry in the shade. Avoid drying it in direct sunlight as this can cause the fabric to discolor.
  5. Once dry, iron the kimono on low heat to remove wrinkles.

It is important to note that frequent laundering of the kimono can damage the fibers and cause the fabric to discolor, so it is best to wash only when necessary. It is also recommended that you check the washing instructions on the kimono label before cleaning. Not sure how to wash your judo kimono effectively? Check out our article on how to wash your judo kimono.

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