Baby judo

You practice judo and wish to transmit your passion to your child from a very young age? It is possible with baby judo!

Baby judo, more than a sport, a way to learn

Baby Judo is generally for children between 3 and 6 years old. Girls and boys. You probably think it’s a bit early to teach them techniques like Ippon Seoi Nage or Uchi-mata… Well, you are not wrong.

Baby judo is not intended to make your child a judo genius at the age of 5. This sport allows you to work on your child’s motor skills. They learn to use their body well and, very important for a child whether it is for judo or to play in the yard with his friends, the teacher teaches them to fall.

They learn to manage the apprehension of falling and to fall without hurting themselves. First alone, then with a dummy or with another classmate.

The moral code of judo

During the different sessions which last a maximum of 60 minutes, the young children are introduced to the rules and moral code of judo. The values they learn in baby judo will also be useful for their future life! Values such as friendship, courage, self-control, modesty or honesty are taught.

The children learn to live in a group and listen to instructions while having fun with their friends.

The different grades in baby judo

In baby judo, children start with a white belt like in classical judo.

There are then ways to progress according to the child’s achievements. In general, children progress to the white belt 1 stripe at the age of 5, then to the white belt 2 stripes at the age of 6.

Finally, from the age of 7, after having taken full possession of the capacities of his body, the child begins classical judo and can pass to the white yellow belt and then climb the different ranks.

If you want to know more about the order of the judo belts, do not hesitate to consult our article on this subject.

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