The best judo bags in 2023

Discover the ranking of the best bags to carry your judo clothes and equipment.

N°1: The Bakku Pakku judo bag from Fighting Films

The Bakku Pakku sports bag is, in our opinion, the best judo bag in 2022. Its unique design, large capacity and numerous handles make it a versatile bag.

It has a handle for carrying by hand, but can also be carried as a backpack. The bag is very bulky, with a capacity of 50 L, equivalent to 2 adult kimonos and their belts. Like the Superstar 750 judo kimono, for example. It also features a side pocket and a large zipped mesh pocket in the main pocket.

50L is the limit for your cabin luggage when travelling by plane. So whether you’re a frequent traveller or a competitor who goes to the four corners of the world, this bag can accompany you in the cabin.

The Bakku Pakku bag is made from hard-wearing, waterproof canvas to protect your belongings from the rain.

What’s more, its unique design makes it stand out from the crowd in the gym or dojo. The Fighting Films logo appears on the side of the bag as well as on the inside.

This bag is unquestionably one of the top judo bags of 2022. It’s perfect for judo enthusiasts, who will certainly recognize the brand thanks to the logo, as well as athletes who aren’t necessarily judo specialists, but who like the design and the brand logo.

No. 2: The Adidas convertible sports bag

Adidas offers its customers a wide range of quality sports equipment and accessories. Here, their convertible, wheeled carry bag is just one of these high-quality pieces of equipment. The bag ranks third in our ranking of the best judo bags in 2022. Indeed, it’s a sports bag that can be used for your judo outfits, but it’s not specialized for that.

Another negative point is its price, around €100 at most distributors. That’s a lot more than other sports bags on the market, €40 more than the Bakku Pakku bag.

But there are several reasons for this higher price. Firstly, the bag is much larger, with a capacity of 120L. It also has wheels and a handle for rolling. These features logically increase its value, but unlike the judo bag from Fighting Films, this one is too imposing and can’t be used as carry-on luggage on planes.

N°3: Fight Art sports bag

Fight Art is the new brand on the martial arts and combat sports market. They offer a wide range of products, including sports bags. Their sports bag is a good quality, highly functional product with numerous pockets and pouches inside and out.

But it’s not ideal for judo equipment, which is generally bulky. In fact, with a capacity of 35L and the various pockets inside, space is limited enough to hold just one adult kimono.

What’s more, this backpack is not ergonomically designed to be carried by hand. The price is still affordable, though, and you can expect to pay €55 for one.

Customization with Velcro fasteners is a plus point for this bag, available only in black and with a very basic design.

N°4: The Budofight judo bag

In 4th place in our ranking of the best judo bags in 2022, we have chosen the Budofight judo bag . Unlike the other bags in this ranking, this one is really designed for judo. Its various handles and straps allow it to be carried in a variety of ways. In particular, it can be converted into a backpack.

It’s a tough nylon bag, but not entirely waterproof.

In our opinion, the biggest flaw in this bag is its aesthetics. Available only in black like most bags, the design is quite raw. The large Budofight logo and several “judo” inscriptions on the bag make it very functional but not very aesthetic, less so than its competitors in this ranking of the best judo bags in 2022.

N°5: The Kwon sports bag

To round off our ranking of the best judo bags in 2022, Kwon offers bags that are more accessible to the general public and less high-end. These sports bags are for people who rarely play sports and just want to carry their gear, without worrying about aesthetics or bag quality.

It’s a highly functional bag, with plenty of pockets, handles and straps to allow it to be carried in many different ways. But the design isn’t very polished: it’s a basic bag that can be found everywhere, and it’s only available in black.

Aesthetics aside, like many sports bags, this one isn ‘t specialized for judo gear. Its design was not conceived specifically to accommodate a full set of judo equipment.

Available at a lower price (€28.50), this 60L duffle bag is ideal for the whole family.

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