Partnership with the San Marino Judo Federation

Judo is a popular combat sport throughout the world, with millions of practitioners in many countries. It’s also an official Olympic sport, and many athletes have reached the pinnacle of competition around the world. We are therefore delighted to announce the partnership between Fighting Films and the San Marino Judo Federation.

J. Bridge President of Fighting Films Europe and Giuseppe Ragini President of the San Marino Judo Federation

The San Marino Judo Federation is the governing body for judo in the Republic of San Marino, a small landlocked country in Italy. The Federation was founded in 1973 and is affiliated to the International Judo Federation. It organizes national and international competitions, and works to promote judo in the region.

San Marino national team athletes now wear Fighting Films judo kimonos.

We would like to thank Giuseppe Ragini, our Chairman, for his confidence in us, and hope that this partnership will continue for many years to come.