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Learning the fundamentals of judo can be complicated for some young children. Opt for one of our children’s judo books to learn the techniques, values and history of this unique martial art.

Discover our three books: 40 judo techniques, The moral code of judo, Judo lexicon: 85 Japanese words.

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We offer you three books to discover the world of judo adapted for children. These children’s judo books will help your children discover the values of this martial art, popular the world over.

Learn judo with these Koka Kids judo books for kids.

With three different books to choose from, your child will know everything there is to know about judo!

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Judo book: 40 Judo Techniques

Having trouble remembering all the judo techniques and their names? This book makes it easy. Easy-to-remember illustrations guide you through each technique. All 40 Gokyo judo throws are included.

This is our best-selling judo book, suitable for judokas of all levels.

Discover the advice of a world champion in this book, for optimal performance!


The Moral Code of Judo

This code was established by the founder of judo, Jigoro Kano, almost two hundred years ago.

To find out, let’s go back in time. We’ll go back to the year 1860 and visit a small fishing village in Japan called Mikage.

This is the date and place of Jigoro Kano’s birth.

Jigoro Kano will one day be held in the highest esteem the world over.

But life didn’t begin that way for young Jigoro. As a child growing up in Japan, he was bullied and teased.

With great courage, Jigoro set out to change his life and, in so doing, the lives of millions of people around the world.

Want to go back in time and find out how?


Judo Glossary: 85 Japanese Words

All the judo words you need to know up to black belt are in this judo book!

The words are divided into easy-to-learn sections, with fun illustrations and vocabulary charts.

By the end of this book, you’ll be able to understand 85 Japanese judo words.

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40 judo techniques, The moral code of judo, Judo glossary: 85 Japanese words