Fast hands by Darcel Yandzi


The new judo training accessory is now available. Fast hands by Darcel Yandzi have been specially designed by this judo expert, European Champion -78kg in 1993.

Work on your grip and kimono gripping speed with these smaller Uchi Komi sleeves with a hole for inserting the thumb.

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The new Fighting Films accessory, fast hands by Darcel Yandzi, is now available.

Keep training all summer long, without a partner, to maintain your kimono grip speed. With fast hands by Darcel Yandzi, you’ve got plenty of options. Ultra-resistant and specially designed by the judo legend, fast hands will take you everywhere. No need for a training partner. Attach them directly to a pole or tree and you can train for long minutes.

The high resistance of the ropes allows you to do a wide variety of exercises, which will also keep you physically fit during vacation periods.

Small and handy to carry, fast hands are ideal for training away from home.

Available in two colors:

White with black elastics and Fighting Films logo
Blue with red elastics and gold Fighting Films logo

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