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This is the ideal child’s judo kimono to start learning judo with the best assets. This judo kimono for children is made of canvas and is very light, allowing you to discover judo in full comfort.

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My First Kimono is perfect for children who are starting judo at a young age. With a material weight of 185g, this children’s judo kimono is an inexpensive and ideal option to accompany a child during their first season.

Made from 65% cotton and 35% polyester.

Lightweight and beautifully finished, each judogi has the Fighting Films logo on each sleeve. The trousers have an elastic waistband.

These kimonos are available from 100 to 150cm. That is to say from about 4 years old. Once your child exceeds 150cm, you can buy the Red Label judogi. This is suitable for both children and adults for regular judo practice.

It is the ideal equipment for a young child who is just starting to practice judo. Excellent value for money.

A white belt is included with the child’s judo kimono. If your child already has a higher grade, you can get judo belts in any colour.

If your child has already got a feel for the world of judo, you can go for the higher range, the Hajime children’s judo kimonos.

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