embroidery program creation


If you wish to have your club logo embroidered on your judogi for the first time, it will be necessary to add the creation of the embroidery program to your basket only once to be able to benefit from the judo club logo customization logo on your future judogi.

The creation of the embroidery program will be added only once before placing your order.



It is essential to add the embroidery program creation to your basket in case of a first custom order.

We need the logo you want to embroider on your judogi so that our embroiderer has a reference model. Once the embroidery program creation is added to your cart, the judogi judo club logo customization will be available.

The embroidery program creation will only need to be added once before placing your order.

You can now personalise your judogi with your judo club logo. The club logos are embroidered in the Paris area. The delay to get your personalised judogi is about 2 weeks.

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