judo club logo customization


Fighting Films now allows you to customize your judogi by embroidering your club logo on the heart!

Once the quantity and the type of judogi added to the basket, let us know the logo you want to embroider on your judogi in comment of the order. When your request is approved, it will take 2 weeks to receive your embroidered judogi. Select the number of customizations according to the number of judogi you want.

eg: you have ordered 3 Red Label judogi, 3 Black Label judogi and 3 Superstar judogi, you will have to select 9 judogi customizations in your order.

If this is the first time we embroider your logo on judogi, you will have to go through the logo creation process which will then allow you to customize as many judogi as you want with your club logo.

This offer is reserved for judo clubs, the customization is available on all our ranges of judogi children as adults.

skirt embroidery

Délai : + 10 jours | Tarif : + 15€

Choisissez la couleur de la broderie

Choisissez la police de la broderie

Pants embroidery

Délai : + 10 jours | Tarif : + 15€

Choisissez la couleur de la broderie

Choisissez la police de la broderie



Customise now all your next judogi ordered on the website! The offer will be available only for judo clubs, registered with a club account.

All judogi available for sale are eligible for customization:

the Hajime children’s judogi: this is a real judogi to start judo, it comes with a white belt and has an elastic on the trousers.
the Red Label judogi : it is a judogi for intermediate levels, its cut is slim and tight, it comes with a white belt and is made of real judogi fabric.
Black Label Judogi: this is a great judogi for those who train regularly, it is very good value for money and is ideal for cadets, juniors or seniors.
Superstar Original judogi: this is the judogi worn by athletes all over the world, it has a slim and fitted cut. It is the top of the range judogi of the brand.
Superstar 750 IJF approved judogi: it is ideal for competition. It is also approved for the new IJF standards. It is light and robust and has a slim fit.

Equip all your members with customised judo kimonos to wear at their next competition.

The embroidery is similar to that of the Fighting Films logo on the shoulders, so it is of very good quality and resistant. The embroidery is made in France, in the Paris region.

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